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(Excludes Stuffed Grape Leaves and Nachos)

Best Catering Around

At Krazy Kabobs we only use top quality meats and produce with all natural ingredients, and traditionally healthy recipes.

We are committed to bringing you delicious Signature dishes you will not find anywhere else. All of our appetizers are full of flavor, healthy, and affordable. Finally, you can feed the family with restaurant food at fast food prices.

Call and order your Family Meal today and experience the authentic dinner in the comfort of your own home.

Family Value Meals

Served with your choice of basmati or rice pilaf, grilled vegetables, 2 large sides and pita bread.

Lule Kabob (feeds 5)   $46.99

10 skews of beef, chicken or mixed.

Chicken Shish Kabob (feeds 4)   $41.99

Our delicious chicken breast kabob and our famous garlic sauce.

Rotisserie Chicken (feeds 5)   $39.99

2 whole chickens, garlic sauce and pickles (excludes grilled veggies, medium sides).

Pork Shish Kabob (feeds 5)  $44.99

Our tender and delicious pork kabob.

Beef Shish Kabob (feeds 4)   $44.99

Our tender beef shish kabob.

Lamb Kabob (feeds 4)   $44.99

Our tender California choice lamb kabob.

Combo Family (feeds 5)   $44.99

Combination of our beef, chicken and your choice of pork or lule kabob.